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Free online Visacard
Quick and safe online payments

  • No ‘credit check’ (BKR)
  • Instant use
  • Pay at thousands of web shops

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Would you like to pay in stores and restaurants as well? Choose a pay2d Basic card here.

pay2d virtual Free online Visacard

Available instantly: register online – quickly, easy and for free. Your pay2d account is ready to use immediately.

Secure payments: do not give internet fraud a chance. Pay2day virtual card, being an alternative online payment method, protects your regular bank accounts and credit cards against incorrect use.

Easy to top up: increase the balance of your pay2d virtual card through iDEAL or Sofort transaction or bank transfer.

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Pay in stores and restaurants with your card as well?
Register first, then apply for a personal card through your online account.
You will receive a card, registered in your name, within 48 hours.
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What is a pay2d prepaid VISA virtual card?

Easy and free online registration, quick access to a pay2d prepaid VISA virtual card, accepted by millions of merchants worldwide and with high security standards: these are the features of pay2d virtual, the clever prepaid internet payment service. After completing the online registration and making an initial deposit to the credit balance, you will receive a pay2d virtual card immediately. The pay2d virtual card contains all the VISA card data required to make online or telephone purchases:
• the cardholder name
• card number
• expiry date
• card-verification-code, also: CVC.
In addition, you can send money to other pay2d virtual users in real time or receive money. Your pay2d virtual card is valid for 5 years and allows you to make purchases at millions of online or mail order companies worldwide where VISA is accepted.

What are the advantages of a pay2d virtual card?

pay2d virtual offers quick and easy access to an online payment tool that can be used in many ways, regardless of your credit. Your benefits in detail are:

• Immediate availability. Sign up online, quickly, easily, and free of charge. Your pay2d virtual account is at your disposal immediately.
• Easy to load. Increase the credit balance of your pay2d virtual card by bank transfer, iDEAL or Sofort.
• Secure payment. Don’t give internet fraud a chance. As an alternative online payment solution, pay2d virtual protects your regular bank accounts and credit cards against misuse.
• Buy everywhere. Your pay2d virtual card allows you to make purchases at millions of online stores and mail-order companies worldwide where VISA is accepted.
• No limits. With pay2d virtual you can send and receive money worldwide and in a matter of seconds (from pay2d virtual to pay2d virtual).
• For everyone. Your pay2d virtual account is managed on a prepaid credit basis and is available to you regardless of your financial situation.

How much does a pay2d virtual card cost?

There is no annual fee for pay2d virtual and there are no transaction fees (except for transactions in foreign countries). You will find a complete fee schedule here.

How can I register with pay2d virtual card?

You can register online with pay2d virtual easily and free of charge in three steps. In order to do so, click “Register now – it’s free” and follow the registration steps online. Immediately after you have completed registration, pay2d virtual is set up. Please note: in order to complete the registration, a mobile phone with SMS functionality and a valid email address are required.

Can I receive more than one pay2d virtual card?

No. Due to legal restrictions, we can offer only one pay2d virtual card per person.

Can I receive bank transfers with pay2d virtual card?

Yes, to add credit, top-up your account via an iDEAL or Sofort transaction. After your first top-up with iDEAL or Sofort you will also be able to do a bank transfer. Please note that the name registered on your pay2d account must match the name registered on your bank account. If they don’t match, we won’t be able to complete the transaction. If you want to be able to receive transfers from a bank account under a different name, please upgrade to pay2d pro.

Can I transfer money to other people's accounts with pay2d virtual?

Money transfers to other people’s accounts with pay2d virtual is only possible with pay2d virtual pro to another pay2d virtual pro account.

What happens to my credit balance after the card expires?

Your credit balance is completely secure. You will automatically receive a new pay2d virtual and be able to continue to shop conveniently. For information about applicable fees, please see the fee schedule here.

What happens when I no longer actively use pay2d virtual?

After 12 months of inactivity, a monthly fee will be charged for the management of the remaining credit balance until the card is used again or the balance is at € 0,-. For information about applicable fees, please see the fee schedule here.


Is your question not answered here? Our customer service team is happy to help you. Send an e-mail to: service@pay2d.nl or call: 0031 20 888 50 55


plus pro
Fee charged for a pay2d virtual card orderd in the online account free free
Fee which is charged for top up with iDEAL transfer € 2,- € 2,-
Fee charged for each top up performed with wire transfer (bank transfer) € 2,- € 2,-
Inactivity fee for virtual card, charged if a card has not been active for 12 months, charged every month untill the balance is €0 or the card is used € 1,50 € 1,50
FX fee charged for a non EURO transaction 2,75 % 2,75 %
Fee charged for each outgong transfer from a pay2d card to another pay2d card € 1,-


basic/plus (€) pro (€)
Maximum account balance 150,- 5.000,-
Maximum year load 150,- 20.000,-
Maximum spend for an online transaction 50,-

Card to card transfer


plus pro
No ‘credit check’ (BKR)
Top-up with iDeal or bank transfer
Redeem to your bank account
Safe and fast online payments
Valid for 5 years