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Help guide
set up your new virtual card

We want to provide a guide to help you set up your new virtual card with us at Pay2D.

1. Request a Download link for the MyPaynetics app

Please first fill out the form on this website to receive a link and a unique authorisation code then follow the below steps to retrieve and activate your Pay2D Virtual card through the MyPaynetics Mobile app.

2. Set up mobile App PIN number

You will then be asked to set up your mobile App PIN number – this keeps the App secure and makes sure only you can gain access to your card account.

3. Verify your mobile phone number

Verify your phone number – you will receive a onetime pass code which should be entered into the App – this ensures that any notifications are sent to your mobile phone only

4. Link your pay2d card

To retrieve your pay2d card, now enter the authorization code (6 digits) and the card code (9 digits) that you received from the email address no-reply@paynetics.digital

Your card will now be retrieved and activated. Now proceed to enter your personal information.

More information and detailed screenshots you find here: MyPaynetics mobile app user guide (Opent nieuwe tab)


5. Complete personal data

Please complete your personal data carefully checking that there are no spelling errors.

6. Upload an official ID

You will then be asked to upload an official ID such as a passport or national ID card

The App takes a very short video to upload documents – it’s very important that we can clearly see the video so please make sure that there is no picture blur or that there are no bright lights obscuring the picture. If the quality of the picture is not good, please take the video again – you can have three attempts so do not worry if you need a few attempts to get a good quality picture.

7. Proof of your address

We then need proof of your address so the App will ask you to upload a Utility bill or bank statement (Excluding mobile phone bills)

8. Upload selfie

Finally, we need a Selfie – take a video of your face (Please make sure the video is clear)

Your security is our primary concern. Financial regulations require that we verify all our customers to help stop fraud and misuse of bank accounts – this process is called Know Your Customer or KYC. 

Here you find the steps of the KYC verification proces in detail.KYC Steps


9. Purchase goods in-store and on-line

Congratulations! you have completed the KYC process and you are now able to use the Card & App to purchase goods in-store and on-line

Issue with the application process?

If you have experienced an issue with the application process, then first try the App again being sure you follow the instructions above. Please also refer to the helpful guides found below. If the problem occurs again after the 3rd attempt, please contact Pay2D support by emailing: service@pay2d.nl