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How do you upgrade and reload your pay2d card basic?

  1. Log in to your account with your top-up number (back of the card) and your chosen password.
  2. Click ‘UPGRADE’ and fill in your details (correct details and names*).
  3. Go to Settings and Upload a copy of your ID and address verification.
  • In order to verify your account, transfer at least € 20, – via iDEAL or Sofort. **.
  • Go to the ‘TOP UP’ tab.
  • Select iDEAL or Sofort, the amount you wish to top up and your bank.
    Please note: the first upgrade must be done from your private bank account. We will check this with the last name in your pay2d account.

* If the names do not match, we can not process the transaction directly.
** After the first upgrade via IDEAL / Sofort, your account is verified and has the status ‘plus’. You can now top up in the store and through bank transfer. Please keep limits in mind! All limits can be found here.

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