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There are two ways you can activate your card:

  1. Activation by SMS
    Send an SMS* to 0031 970 044 994 34 containing the following message, al characters connected without spaces:GO – loading number – last four digits of your card number
    (without spaces, for example GO20434567890123210) In this example it’s card number 4836 9898 7654 3210 and your loading number 2043456789012.
    Please note: by activating the card, you will accept the Terms & Conditions. The card is valid a year after purchase. Within this year you can upgrade to pay2d plus and then the expiry date on the card will apply.* Your telephone provider will charge you for sending an SMS in The Netherlands.
  2. Activation online
    You can also easily activate your pay2d prepaid card basic online. Click here and follow the steps.