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pay2d virtual offers quick and easy access to an online payment tool that can be used in many ways, regardless of your credit. Your benefits in detail are:

• Immediate availability. Sign up online, quickly, easily, and free of charge. Your pay2d virtual account is at your disposal immediately.
• Easy to load. Increase the credit balance of your pay2d virtual card by bank transfer, iDEAL or Sofort.
• Secure payment. Don’t give internet fraud a chance. As an alternative online payment solution, pay2d virtual protects your regular bank accounts and credit cards against misuse.
• Buy everywhere. Your pay2d virtual card allows you to make purchases at millions of online stores and mail-order companies worldwide where VISA is accepted.
• No limits. With pay2d virtual you can send and receive money worldwide and in a matter of seconds (from pay2d virtual to pay2d virtual).
• For everyone. Your pay2d virtual account is managed on a prepaid credit basis and is available to you regardless of your financial situation.