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— Update May 21 2021

Important note about using your pay2d card

Important note about using your pay2d card

In recent months, we have worked hard with Paynetics on a new prepaid card so that you can continue to pay easily, quickly and safely with pay2d.
A new app will therefore go live around the 14th of June!

Benefits of the new program.

• A simple app with a prepaid virtual VISA card
• In addition to worldwide online payments, you can also pay contactless with your phone 

• Easier login (no text message required)
• A unique IBAN linked to your card so that you can directly credit your Visa card with online banking

What does this mean for you?

As soon as the new pay2d app goes live, you will receive an email from us with a link to download the app. In the app you request a new card, if you still have balance on your pay2d card at that time, Paynetics will automatically transfer this to your new virtual Visa number. Paynetics is legally obliged to check your ID, fortunately, this can be done very easily directly in the app.

If you don’t apply for a new Visa number, you will be able to use the balance on your current Visa card as usual until June 21th.

After June 21, you can only transfer to the new card or transfer back to your bank via the refund form of Paynetics and they must check your details (passport and address verification), the costs are € 10.

Do you have questions?
Feel free to contact customer service via service@pay2d.nl

We know it has been a turbulent time, but we are convinced that we have come up with a real good card together with Paynetics, and we look forward to continuing with you!