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pay2d Funds

If you had more than €10 balance on your pay2d card then an account has already been created for you with a new virtual debit card. By activating this account you can spend your balance via online payments or contactless with Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you have not received your activation codes yet or you can’t find them anymore you can request them by mail via service@pay2d.nl.

If you prefer to transfer the balance back to your bank account then there are 2 options.

For balances of €50 or less, we do not need to perform an identity and address check, but we do need to verify that your bank details are valid and match your cardholder details.  Please complete this form and send it along with a valid bank statement (no older than 3 months) to support@paynetics.digital so we can validate your account and refund the money to you. The fee for a bank redemption is €5.

For balances above €50, please fill out this form in its entirety, and return via email to cardassistance@paynetics.digital PAYNETICS AD is prohibited from wiring funds to accounts whose owner names is different than the cardholder name. All redemption requests will be returned by bank wire to the bank account holder  stated on Account statement provided as evidence.

PAYNETICS AD is required to verify the customer’s identity and can only accept the following documents,
all of which are mandatory (please, attach them to the Funds Redemption Form):
• National Identity Card
• Bank Statement from the last 6 months, to which the money will be return
• Cardholder selfie

Wired funds will be sent as per the customer’s instructions. This process can take 5 business day(s). The fee for a bank redemption is €5 plus the KYC check fee of €10.