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Frequently asked questions



Is your question not answered here? Our customer service team is happy to help you. Send an e-mail to: service@pay2d.nl or call: 0031 20 888 50 55

Why wasn’t my transaction successful?

There could be a number of reasons why a transaction failed. For example, there might not be sufficient funds in the account, the card may have expired or the correct CVC2 may not have been entered. Or, merchants may have their own restrictions in place, which may also lead to a declined transaction. If there is enough balance on the card and the data have been entered correctly, please contact the merchant first. If you are unable to resolve your query with the merchant, you can of course contact the pay2d customer service team.

What should I do if there is a transaction on my transaction history that I do not recognise?

If you do not recognise a transaction on your account, try to contact the merchant who accepted the payment to find out more. If you are unable to resolve your query with the merchant, you can contact the customer service. If you have the feeling that your account details have been compromised, you must immediately reset your password and contact customer service to cancel your card.

I would like to dispute a transaction, what should I do?

If you are having doubts about an individual transaction, always immediately contact the retailer listed in the “Description” field, please. Try to work it out together and solve the problem.

I failed to work it out with the retailer, now what?

If you cannot work to a solution with the retailer, then please e-mail the details of the transaction to service@pay2d.nl. Copies of the e-mails or other correspondence and telephone conversations that you had with the retailer should also be added. We will send you a dispute form and ask you to fill in this form. The dispute will then be officially supported by VISA. It can take four months before the dispute is resolved.

Why is my transaction ‘incomplete’?

Is a transaction shown as incomplete or pending? This indicates that the merchant has requested the funds but hasn’t completed the transaction yet. Funds to the value of the payment are temporarily blocked for the merchant. Once the transaction has been processed, the transaction will be marked as complete and the funds will be transferred to the merchant. If the transaction is not processed, then it will be declined and the funds will be released back to your account automatically after 10 days.

Why does my refund not appear on my balance?

From the moment you order a refund, it can take up to 10 days for a refund to be processed by the merchant. The funds will automatically be returned to your pay2d card within 10 days. As long as the money has not been refunded you cannot spend it anywhere else. As soon as the funds are on your pay2d card you can spend it. Refunding the purchase is only available in collaboration with the merchant.

There is a small transaction pending in my account why is that?

Some websites such as iTunes and PayPal make small test transaction, for example € 1.- or € 1.98 whenever someone registers a card. They do this to see if the correct card details have been entered. These test transactions are not fully implemented and are automatically returned within 10 days like an incomplete transaction.

Negative balance

There is a chance that you have a negative balance on your prepaid card. For example, when costs for the monthly contribution have been deducted and you do not have enough balance on your prepaid card. Please check your balance in your online account regularly. Do you have a negative balance on your prepaid card? We will collect the amount due to us after the next top-up.

3D Secure: extra control for online payments

If you make an online payment, you can be asked to confirm the order (payment). Keep your mobile phone at hand, you will receive a verification code via SMS. You enter this code to complete the transaction


What is a pay2d prepaid VISA virtual card?

Easy online registration, quick access to a pay2d prepaid virtual VISA card, accepted by millions of merchants worldwide and with a high security standard – these are the features of the pay2d virtual card; the smart prepaid payment method.

  • A simple app with a prepaid virtual VISA card
  • In addition to worldwide online payment, you can also pay contactless with your phone via Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Easier logging in (no more SMS needed)
  • A unique IBAN linked to your card so that you can directly credit your Visa card with online banking

The pay2d virtual card has all the VISA card details needed to make online or telephone purchases – cardholder name, card number, expiry date and the card verification code, or: CVC. Add your virtual pay2d card to your Apple Pay wallet or Google Pay and pay at any pin terminal that accepts contactless payment.

Your pay2d virtual card is valid for 5 years and gives you the opportunity to make purchases at millions of internet or mail order companies worldwide where VISA is accepted.

How much does a pay2d virtual card cost?

The monthly card fee for a virtual card is € 0,20, if the balance is not sufficient it will be settled with the next load.There are no transaction fees (except for transactions in foreign countries). You will find a complete fee schedule here.

How can I register with pay2d virtual card?

Please first fill out the form on this website to receive a link and a unique authorisation code then follow the below steps to retrieve and activate your Pay2D Virtual card through the MyPaynetics Mobile app. After you received the e-mail with the download link and you own unique codes you can follow the steps of this User Guide: https://pay2d.nl/app/uploads/2021/09/Link-card-__-App-steps-__-pay2d_EN.pdf

Can I receive more than one pay2d virtual card?

No. Due to legal restrictions, we can offer only one pay2d virtual card per person.

Can I receive bank transfers with pay2d virtual card?

Yes, in the MyPaynetics app you will find a unique IBAN that belongs to your pay2d Visa card, you can transfer to this IBAN and the funds go directly in your account. It takes 1 working day to complete the transfer.

What happens to my credit balance after the card expires?

Your credit balance is completely secure. You will automatically receive a new pay2d virtual and be able to continue to shop conveniently. For information about applicable fees, please see the fee schedule here.

What happens when I no longer actively use pay2d virtual?

After 12 months of inactivity, a monthly fee will be charged for the management of the remaining credit balance until the card is used again or the balance is at € 0,-. For information about applicable fees, please see the fee schedule here.


Is your question not answered here? Our customer service team is happy to help you. Send an e-mail to: service@pay2d.nl or call: 0031 20 888 50 55